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Producer Directory

A selection of BIPOC producers in the Northern California region who practice regenerative agriculture.

To help Northern California producers, we have created a directory of BIPOC producers in this region, which begins with ALBA, an organization that supports Latinx and Indigenous farmers in California’s Central Coast region.

Their 100-acre organic farming training center in Salinas is a pivotal asset and partner for the region, and their Programa Educativo para Pequeños Agricultores (PEPA) program functions as an engine of growth and support for small, organic farmers in the Salinas and Watsonville area, while providing ongoing assistance for farmers.

Many PEPA graduates become clients of Kitchen Table Advisors (KTA), a Northern California nonprofit that provides free, intensive 3-year business advising for small and midsize farmers and ranchers. 

For the purposes of this pilot program, KTA selected 10 growers in the Salinas and Pajaro Valleys who are PEPA graduates, and current or alumni clients of the business advising program that have expressed interest in going beyond the organic methods they learned at ALBA and continuing to learn ways to improve soil health. 

Esperanza Community Farms also selected 10 small Latinx growers who farm in the Pajaro Valley and are members of Esperanza’s wider community engaged in promoting food and economic justice. Mandela Produce Distribution (MPD) also supported the project.

Click on each producer to see their Dashboard and learn more about their farming operation.

Anna’s Organics

Anna Torres

Chowchilla, CA

Chelito Organic Farms

Anna Torres

Watsonville, CA

Los Pinos Organic Farms

Jesùs Calzadillas

San Juan Bautista & Salinas, CA

Magaña Organic Farms

Bertha Magaña

Las Lomas, CA

Mimi’s Organic

Domitila Tapia

Watsonville, CA

Narci Organics

Maria Ana Reyes

San Juan Bautista & Watsonville, CA

Pisga Organics

Sofia Colin

Salinas, CA

Rojas Tepetitla Organic Farms

Cecilia Rojas

Salinas, CA

Salazar Organic Farm

Alejandro Salazar

Watsonville, CA

Ventura Organic Farms

Rufino Ventura

Hollister, CA