Connected Markets: Just BIPOC Sourcing

Foodservice Piloting Tool

How well do food service companies understand their clients willingness to embrace purchasing programs aligned with their corporate values?

The problem: can we support greater diversity in our food supply chains?

Food moves across the globe through supply chains that are mostly blind. Purchasers often have scant visibility into who grows our food, the practices they use, or the communities they support.

To deliver the benefits of a more equitable and fair food system, we must gain and retain the trust of all those involved in the cultivation, distribution, processing, marketing and consumption of food. Developing frameworks that support greater traceability and transparency in supply chains can help companies better meet their objectives, allow consumers to better align their food purchases with their values, reward producers who adopt more sustainable practices, and offer profoundly positive impacts in support of greater diversity.

Welcome to the Connected Markets:
your purchasing decisions matter.

In a connected market, producers are empowered to deliver high-quality goods at a fair price that support both their communities and the marketplace. By becoming a partner in this relationship, food purchasers can source ingredients that champion a food system aligned with their values.

Participating in a connected market requires not just being educated but becoming involved. Using this tool will help food purchasers learn more about the ingredients they source and how to ask the right questions to create a BIPOC sourcing pilot that supports a just economy.

A connected market is a mindful market.

- Douglas Gayeton, Co-Founder, The Lexicon

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Connected Markets: Aquaculture was developed by A Greener Blue, an initiative of Green Brown Blue, the food systems solutions activator by The Lexicon. This supply chain self-assessment tool is made freely available to the public under a Creative Commons CC0 license. Try it out!