Pisga Organics

Sofia Colin


USDA Organic

How products are sold

Farmer’s market, Distributor

About the farm

owned or leased


BIPOC community member


land kept as native habitat



1-5 acres

Salinas, CA

Management plans

Organic Systems Plan

Nutrient Management Plan

Integrated Pest Management Plan

plan developer


About Sofia Colin

Sofia comes from an agricultural family and hoped to continue her family’s legacy of farming when she came to the United States from Mexico. However, she developed allergic reactions to the many chemicals used in conventional agriculture and decided to work in childcare for a time. Her children, who are proponents of healthy living and organic foods, encouraged her to try farming again when she got the opportunity to join the PEPA program at ALBA and become an organic farmer. She was able to partner with Kitchen Table Advisors and FarmLink to lease land in Aptos, and then San Juan Bautista. She chose the name Pisga for her farm because it translates to “promised land” and also sounds much like the Spanish verb “piscar,” which means “to harvest.”