Magaña Organic Farms

Bertha Magaña


USDA Organic

How products are sold

Distributor, E-commerce, Retail

About the farm

owned or leased


BIPOC community member


land kept as native habitat



6-20 acres

Las Lomas, CA

Management plans

Integrated Pest Management Plan

Nutrient Management Plan

Organic Systems Plan

Irrigation Water Management Plan

plan developer

Monterey County RCD

About Bertha Magaña

Bertha operates a 9-acre farm in the Salinas Valley alongside her husband Heriberto, and with support from her daughter and grandchildren. She grows organic fruits and vegetables that she sells to Coke Farms, boutique grocery stores in the Santa Cruz area, and direct-to-consumer boxes that get delivered all over the Bay Area. She is a uniquely entrepreneurial businesswoman who excels at experimenting with different growing techniques and varieties, and is a powerful symbol of leadership for other women farmers – especially since she defied many cultural expectations within her own community and family to achieve her dreams. She also is very proud of achieving her dream of land ownership, working with FarmLink and Kitchen Table Advisors to purchase her farmland in Las Lomas several years ago.