Los Pinos Organic Farms

Jesús Calzadillas


USDA Organic

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owned or leased


BIPOC community member


land kept as native habitat



6-20 acres

San Juan Bautista & Salinas, CA

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Nutrient Management Plan

Organic Systems Plan

plan developer

Monterey County RCD

About Jesús Calzadillas

Jesús Calzadillas began farming as a child, working alongside his father on their family farm growing corn, beans, and squash. Jesús later migrated from Mexico to the US to work in the strawberry fields that blanket the Salinas Valley. It was there that a friend introduced him to the Farmer Education Program (PEPA) at the Agriculture & Land-Based Training Association (ALBA). Through PEPA, Jesús learned about both organic production and the business side of farming; it was an experience that opened his eyes to a future filled with new opportunities for him and his family. With this vision in mind, Jesús started Los Pinos Organic. Today, Los Pinos sells primarily wholesale via Coke Farms while also providing produce to small local markets and bodegas in his community. These community ties are likewise reflected in his work with Kitchen Table Advisors. Jesús farms on land in San Juan Bautista where a number of other KTA client farmers are also based, working together to share knowledge and resources as they navigate many similar challenges.