Chelito Organic Farms

Misael Morales


USDA Organic

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owned or leased


BIPOC community member


land kept as native habitat



6-20 acres

Watsonville, CA

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Organic Systems Plan

plan developer

Santa Cruz County RDC

About Misael Morales

Chelito Organics started at ALBA in 2014, growing organic mixed vegetables with a focus on baby bok choy and specialty produce. The husband and wife team complement each other well in their business practices: he is charismatic and ambitious, she is driven and focused, both work tremendously hard to expand their increasingly successful business. Having grown to 4.5 acres at ALBA, they decided it was time to expand their operations beyond the farm incubator program to meet the increasing demand for their product. He now farms several acres in the Pajaro Valley, and has become an expert in trying experimental tactics to grow that reduce his water usage, increase his quality, and continue to heal the soils he works with.