Anna’s Organics

Anna Torres


USDA Organic

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BIPOC community member


land kept as native habitat



51-100 acres

Chowchilla, CA

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About Anna Torres

Like the interconnected nature of the ecosystems with which farmers engage, every member of Anna’s Organic Farm contributes an important piece to the whole of the operation. Anna, her father, mother, and brother each lead a specific area of the farm while sharing in the packing and constant support of each other. Although this approach makes them quite gifted at growing gorgeous, organic vegetables, there are still forces out of their control posing significant barriers. Among them, Anna’s Organic is currently facing low market prices and the loss of an essential delivery truck (made that much harder owing to the recent investment in repairs). KTA farm business advisor Angie Estrada-Bugarín is supporting them in trying to access a new truck while also expanding their wholesale relationships, but the regulatory and market systems remain onerous for small, BIPOC-led farms.