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Just BIPOC Sourcing

A framework for purchasers and distributors to design inclusive foodservice pilots at their organizations and in their region.

Black, Indigenous, and People of Color have been historically excluded from mainstream foodservice supply chains, but the purchasing power of your organization can be a force for good in fighting inequity.

When seeking partnerships with BIPOC producers, stakeholders—which include distributors, food service companies, food hubs, restaurants, and chefs—must align on a path to success to prevent reproducing imbalanced power dynamics and adverse outcomes for marginalized producers.

Companies and organizations that seek to support BIPOC producers through dedicated purchase agreements can begin by learning about the history of regional and national food system policies and practices and the cumulative impacts on BIPOC producers.

Create your pilot

This website provides resources to help food service professionals to create successful sourcing pilots and programs that support greater diversity in our food systems.

An Interactive Tool

How well do food service companies understand their client's willingness to embrace purchasing programs aligned with their corporate values?

Producer directory

A selection of twenty BIPOC producers in the Northern California region who practice regenerative agriculture, including many graduates form ALBA's training program for organic farmers based in Salinas, CA.

BIPOC Sourcing:
A Case Study

BIPOC Sourcing: A Case Study

A showcase of the design and launch of a pilot sourcing program, created by the Good Eating Company, Kitchen Table Advisors, Vesta, and True Harvest, with support from The Lexicon.

Looking to develop BIPOC Sourcing pilot programs in other regions of the US?

While the information and solutions gathered here have a Northern California lens, guidelines for adapting this framework to other regions are being developed as part of RAIL (Regenerative Agriculture is Local) Adaptive Framework; this initiative offers a roadmap to assist in scaling the place-based implementation and adoption of regenerative practices across the US. More to come!